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    • speaker
      New Sig???? LOL!
    • Wtb: wiring/splits/amp/sub
      Be VERY, VERY careful who you get to install your stuff. Best to google the hell out of them and even come on here and say 'I'm thinking of this dude, PM me of you have any thoughts on him'. Specific thoughts like 'this company are s***' posted on an open thread should be taken elsewhere IMHO; however privately is fine. Peace
    • Wtb: wiring/splits/amp/sub
      G'day mate, Yeah I do...but they are possibly a bit out of the price range you are looking at...I will let you decide that though!! They are a set of Hertz HSK165XL.4 two way componnents/splits. Brand new in box, never been used. Give them a Google and give me a PM if you are interested   Cheers mate, Josh
    • Wtb: wiring/splits/amp/sub
      Thanks guys, Ive got a sub so far and may end up buying an amp new so now just needing a decent set of splits really. I'm going to pay someone to install it all so no need for cabling anymore. Cheers
    • speaker
      LMFAO tagging this fool is good for a giggle. They don't have a website, but I appreciate the sound'. The sound of what? Your computer as Photoshop your BS brand name on to someone else's speakers...? Or the sound that your bank balance makes when the occasional Darwin Award recipient gives you their credit card details and you proceed to fleece them of every cent they have and then thieve their identity? Then why did you change the original post from stating that there is this new and wonderful brand to stating the 'premiere of a fantastic new speaker'.....with as little description of the speaker as possible? As for golf hydrodynamic. FFS. Whenever the boys get together for some beers and 9 holes there isn't much speak of water or speakers. However I can tell you a girl a while back had some awesome dimples just above her ass when I had her around in doggy...seeing as admin aren't here and there is nothing relevant on this page I figure I can put down WTF I want. Yeah and what is hydrodynamics mate...because I just happen to be a qualified Civil Engineer and spent two years learning about fluid dynamics. Tell me what laminar flow is mate? Then question WTF the dynamics of water has on a speaker? Also just as a hint...when I was asking for reasonant frequency I was actually yalking about this parameter they have called Qms  if you can let meknow that I would at least like to have a look at them.....haha, I'll become a lesbian before I buy into this. *rant over* I feel better now...thanks mate!
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