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    • Homemade rca leads
      Always the way isn't it, I had my doors deadened when I put the new speakers in last year, impossible to know the improvement from each part when you do a bunch at once. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Pioneer p99rs ignition whine!
      It sounds like your battery has dropped a few CCA's, a simple battery measurement test will identify if that is your issue.. I would suggest doing the test at your local Battery World.. Also, great suggestions from Buff.. Regards, Dom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Pioneer p99rs ignition whine!
      Sorry mate, I am getting badass comp problems at the moment! No offence taken mate, I just can't put info down here properly because my comp is playing up! 1-4 look OK-ish but a little low...how old is your car (and therefore your alternator) and how old is your battery? The one that stands out BIG TIME is number 5...I will not comment as a pro because I'm not but even with your stereo, air-con, high beams the works on....your voltage shouldn't drop that low...? Anyone else have an opinion on this? Your voltage shouldn't stray TOO much from around that 14.3 volts. At a pretty simple guess there is a large voltage drain somewhere (doesn't seem to be your headlights or stereo from those numbers)... I cant think of anything else mate....off the top of my head. Other than the obvious...if you aren't moving anywhere then the car will likely start the thermo fans to help cool the radiator...they make a MASSIVE noise in the crappy old Pulsar  however that's about it...go with Dom's advice mate! Peace, Buff
    • Pioneer p99rs ignition whine!
      No no.... don't take it the wrong way. I like the help that you are giving. It's helping me identify what could be wrong. Anyways, I ran the tests and came up with these results: 1. 12.6v 2. 14.32v 3. 14.3v 4. 14.25v 5. 13.1v I took all the measurements with a DMM. I guess it just looked a lot worse on the volt gauge. Also, I have noticed a massive headlight dimming when the aircon compressor kicks in. Once again, thank you for the help and advice.  Cheers 
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