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    • Gain matching to a desired power output
      Keep us posted, I'd try it myself if I had a clamp meter and a solid 4 and 2 ohm resistor, not fond of the idea of running sine waves through a sub right where she distorts. Just curious though what do you think will happen? Output stage clip at the exact same level regardless of load attached or do you think it might vary a little?
    • Gain matching to a desired power output
      You know what? I'll probably have time to do that tomorrow haha. Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
    • Gain matching to a desired power output
      Hey westy, any chance you've had the time to do any testing of this yet? No pressure, just checking you haven't forgotten
    • More action required to promote car audio/ electronics
      Yeah all fair points. I guess the main thing that makes it so hard is the tiny, tiny SQ demographic. We want the best but how many SQ guys are there competing in Aus, and buying high level gear? 100? 200? tops? 

      What;s the name of this WA shop I'd love to look at the webpage to see what they're all about.

      AV-DC in Adelaide is my go to,
    • More action required to promote car audio/ electronics
      I beg to differ theae brands you have talked about along b&w and scanspeak peerless and vifa sb accostics and about 20 orhers are available thru a retail store here in wa you just need to know where to go there is many brands available and many brands that were available to the public theu a dirt to retail wholesaler and a retail chain series here in wa but people for some reason dodnt like the idea if choice especially in sq now sq is all but dead its starting to come back and will be availble high end gear like sinfoni celestra inpact audiosystem  And a myriad of other brands from europe as long as people are aware that they arent chinese built these are danish built or german built italian built and isrally built and sobon they come with a price to match things like ground zero reference were vuilt by another xompany and they are going to be available thru a few ppl that arent your typical bricks and morter ad the sales policy of the diatribution agent is money up front the end users have to take the as much vlame as the can here as the shops wouldnt take stuff one for one of 2 resaons not enougj sales or end users umming and ahhing then going cheaper anyway scan speak all mkdels and peerless all models and founteck all models and and eminance and j l and bowera and wilkins and basicalky i cant think of a name not availavle thru this company for some reason it fot tared badly with a brush from compeating distributors as it turnes out because they didnt have the same quality product theres now a new and food distributor for brax and helix its the end user who dictates what the shops buy and sell so ppl have to at sone point take respinsibility for ruining their own chances at a much more diverse range of equipment the company i know of whos a diateibutor deal with another company thats a wholer to retail and also has a retail shop as well but its nore like a jaycar deal jaycar is at the end of a long chain the more li ks in the chain the more expensive the product    So when ppl are offerd cut price product by australian diatributors to stimulate the need for it ohh its fantastic till they want more and more but the shops wont hold stock unless its on consignement and the first consignement done by this company ended up in a 45 thousand doller loss so u would be exciaeing them for not wanting to get bittin theybwill keep stock if seller and resellers back room or brocks and motor  preferably the latter would sign th3 contract and commit money to be able to have the high end brands you guys want    But its a 2 edge sword as one day ppl want this or that then a bill comes or something happens but you as wnd users expext the shop and the wholesaler and distributor/importer to gold 100s of thousands on the shelves in basicalky dead money its a carch 22 if you huy it and continuously buy it we will stock it and by we im paraphrasing what i was told but the issue is no one does so you all goto the met or try to bang the price down farther than huying directly from the guy in another state who is willing to risk the suppliers wrath by shipping to australia End if the day i know where the blame for alot of this lays and its defitaly not with distributors or retailers its with a community of end users whobposined the well so to speak because of misinformation the had about certain sibjects they had no business discusing in the first place    But back to the issue at hand how do we fix it i have a whacky idea of the shops that arenleft weigj in and tell us your thougjts about it and whatvyou need from distri utors aswrll as end users  To remain in business and still a ailable for everyone to buy product of any description weather on the shelves ir not especially in this day and age of now now  now 
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