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    • [SA] Sound Quality Super Series Round 2, 2016
      It's not easy to organise, we have found a rhythm, our events have never been as big as the other states but it's the relaxed atmosphere that makes the events easy enough for one person to organise. As Mark said, you do have to make it and people will come there will always be die hard car audio people, you just need to keep it regular to keep interest there too.
    • How do you SPL guys do your wiring?
      Sooooo, It's been like over a year since I last posted here. Well between, building my E55 as a 10 second car that still looks awesome and has a full sq system in it, and having a baby boy (not me the wife, you know what I mean) I present project T2 terminator, it's a ground pounder which does ok on the meter, still not finished, but good enough to show here. Still a lot of tuning to go as we can only hit 154.92 at the moment, Port may be a tad too big, anyway specs and you can see the pics, if people want build pics I will post them. Depends on the interest i get, btw Charger is one of the inspirations behind the IDGAF what it meters as long as it plays music and low. 4 x SP Audio super tweeters in the doors, powered by a DD Audio SSA 2 4 channel amp 8 x 8" SP Audio mids in the doors, powered by the legendary Soundstream Human reign amp 4 x 15" SP Audio subwoofers powered by 4 strapped in pairs DD Audio M4a's. 1 Pioneer double din thing for the front demo as it takes a pounding during SPL runs and has iPod and usb, as the CD skips. 1 x Pioneer crap unit as my SPL unit crapped itself during the build and I didn't replace it in time. (rear mounted so SPL runs are safe and demos save my hearing as I'm still a SQ guy...lol. 1 x Helix DSP for switchable tunes and crossovers etc. 1 Audio control line driver for the sub output, soon to be replaced by 2 Audio control matrix for 12 channels of 13V signal to the amps. 300m of 0 gauge cable 2 High out put alternators 630 amps a bazillion crimps custom buss bars 10 additional AGM batteries
    • [SA] Sound Quality Super Series Round 2, 2016
      I love your way of thinking Mark. I have organised an initial get together in the next few weeks. This can be a topic that gets raised on the day
    • [SA] Sound Quality Super Series Round 2, 2016
      Then, get the NSW group together and organize something   SA started their own format, based on a trip from a few of us in MEASQ VIC, who traveled over to show them how.. You have the ACT guys who had a format, a couple of years ago, to fall back on, too....   "Make it and they will come"    Mark  
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