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  1. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Best mounting methods for Hertz Mille MLK 3 way?   

    welcome back mate!! been a while but your still part of this group of nutters. Glad to hear your sorting something out in your ride.
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  2. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Help me with my box   

    black carpet for trim Ben,
    Its tough, works/looks well, and reasonably kiddy resistant.
    I would round-over all the external edges first though, makes carpet look a little better again and lets the carpet last a little longer.
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  3. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Best box designing software   

    The main ones are 
    winISD Pro
    Bass Box Pro
    AJ Audio
    and for actual construction >>
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  4. syd-monster added a post in a topic: New phone   

    Fudd, the Z3C has a 2600mAh battery, I think combined with a good size screen, smart use of its software (and the fact I'm not a 15yo), means that the battery life really is great.
    I know what you mean about holding a phone in hand, ergo's make such a difference. Did your S6 already come with Android Lollipop or did you have to upgrade?
    As I recently upgraded my Z3C to Lillipop, not that there was anything wrong with Kitkat, but it does seem a little smoother with Lollipop and battery life is as good as before.
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  5. syd-monster added a post in a topic: New phone   

    ​Hi bud, not sure if you saw above & past posts, but yes indeed have had Sony Z3 Compact for about 6 months now. Still very happy with it.
    Still amazing battery life, I charge it once a week (yup, no jokes)... and has met every other criteria I had and I found new bonuses; like I can stream my music via the mUSB socket straight into my Peachtree amp! sounds as good as any other FLAC file I have OR CD.
    I can hot-swap SD cards. I can charge to the device or from the device (handy for those who use portable DAC amps).
    Photos have turned out to be very acceptable and the 4K video record feature, really is 4K... although I have no need for it. But good to know its not a gimic. 
    Gripes are few, like the ear piece grill is good at trapping dirt.
    Let us know what you think of the Sam S6 edge - we have one being used (abused at work) and has been pretty rock steady so far. Helped along by the recent android update too.
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  6. syd-monster added a post in a topic: thoughts on how 3d printing will change how things get done in the future   

    In custom car audio, I see it as a installation, development, customized parts & tool makers. Also making more refined custom pieces for specific fit. IE, custom dash work fitments, tight-fit pieces. etc.
    Also adapting to contoured surfaces, curved and compounded lines. etc.
    We should ultimately see closer tolerances too.
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  7. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Help with my hiace subwoofer placement please   

    your ears are MUCH better than any SPL meter... an SPL metter can't tell you if it sounds any good (it might be all just distortion and no music) only you can hear that difference. An SPL meter can't tell you how well its working in your car, ie, vibrations, cancelations etc.
    difficult to say exactly which way to fire them, as sheer output is not a simple as "do this and it will be louder". I think you need to experiment. The only thing I suggest is to keep the woofers on the same plane (same face of the box) and firing in the same direction. Test and test again, put on a song you like/know well and test again. You have to listen to the car the most, so satisfy yourself, not any one else, not a machine.
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  8. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Help with my hiace subwoofer placement please   

    the best options are to keep it simple, yet strong, build a box thats twice the internal volume, very strong and well braced. Put it the locations we advised previously and test them all out to see what you like best. The two woofers can share a box and an amp, but just make sure you keep the wiring correct so they play in phase. This means they pulse to the bass in time/together, by getting your + and - wiring correct.
    Keep gains and volume knobs sensible and you will bass for days...
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  9. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Amp Advice - 4CH - $150 budget   

    that Naka branded amp will do the job. But also you must know its not Nakamichi Japan, nor same brand from the 80's/90's. It just a mass-build house amp that uses that name (along with many other famous names for that era). Its not what we would consider a dedicated sound quality amp and nor is it built that well either. However, that shouldn't stop you from buying what is in really a cheap/simple do the job amp at a price you can afford.
    On the other hand the pioneer, provided is a Pioneer Australia delivered product, with local warranty etc, would be preffered option.
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  10. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Phoenix Gold amp repair guru needed   

    doh... OK, yes and Ben's even mentioned that in the past too... my mix up. Thanks for the clarification Reg.
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  11. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Phoenix Gold amp repair guru needed   

    IF Steve can't help you. Also Simon SQEXPERT a member on here is also extremely handy with repairs.
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  12. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Help me with my box   

    crist... a thread with box and furry bits and strange attractions.... i'll get a kevlar suit then! HA!
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  13. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Help me with my box   

    LIke what i see here.... :)....
    HA! furry but. It all about keeping reflection in phase and changing surfaces from hard to soft/rounded. Again, all 1%'rs, but they all ad up. 
    Thats going to be one killer box. If you built every box to that level... then you will have a sorted sub stage every time.
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  14. syd-monster added a post in a topic: FS - Precision Power DAC-348 External Digital-Analog Convertor, PPI EQ31 1/3 Octave EQ Old school nirvana there.
    scrounging around for money fast!!!!
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  15. syd-monster added a post in a topic: Old love for car stereo gear, never goes away   

    AWESOME!!! Tell us more!!! all the details please.
    Is there a build log??
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